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I have been working with Radko dental Lab for 10 years now. Radko Dental Laboratory is always happy to help with a challenging case and provide their professional expertise. Radko Dental Lab is a group of enthusiastic professional technicians willing to go extra mile may it be to see the patient themselves to match a difficult shade or repair a denture on a Friday evening. I would highly recommend Radko Dental Laboratory !!!
Piotr Żukowski
I have used Radko dental lab for over 7 years now. The technicians are highly competent and skilled and they produce excellent quality work. Radko and his team are very friendly and easy to work with and there's never an issue which they can't solve efficiently. I would recommend this lab to all for NHS and Private dentures.
Kunal Patel
Thank you for sharing your working experience with me really appreciate all the hard work you have done to help with one of the mine difficult patient . You have very positive attitude forwards the job. I am grateful for positive learning environment you provided me . I want you to know how much l value your advise and support . Kind regards
Nona Cheludze
I have been using Radko as our prosthetic technician for many years. It's very hard to find a decent lab for NHS and private dentures. In the past we were constantly unhappy with our denture laboratory Radkos work is accurate and to a high standard. We are a busy mixed practice and its fundamental to have prosthetic work that needs minimal adjustment and is esthetically acceptable to the patient I have no hesitation in recommending Radko laboratory for your prosthetic cases
Dr Shad Eddin
I was impressed with professionalism and speed my denture was repaired. Place was easy to find, and there was no problem with parking. Service worth recommendation.
Mrs. James
I know Radek for over 13 years, since I mowed to Bensham Lane. He is repairing my, and my wife dentures since than. Every time service is quick and professional. Also he did refer me and my family to a local dentist, which we are very happy with. I'm a denture wearer for over 25 years and a set made by him is the best I have ever had.
Mr. J. Oven
Panie Radku bardzo dziękuję za naprawienie protezy mojej mamy była bardzo zadowolona.
Bardzo dziękuję za szybkie naprawienie mojej protezy, nikt z moich znajomych i współpracowników nie wie ze noszę protezę. Dziękuję za poradę w sprawie mojego uzębienia.
All dentists know, that providing treatment for members of own family can be difficult, especially when they are old and grumpy and they happened to be your father... I tried to provide him with a F/F dentures since I started working as a dentist (2007!). Because of his impatience and fact, that some parts of the treatment were done in his home (he was always to busy to come to my surgery), I did fail. During one of conversations with Radko over the phone, he told me, that as a Clinical Dental Technician a complete cases are a area of his special interest. He suggested copy-denture technique. Cutting long story short: after two appointments my father was provided with excellent fitting dentures! Thank you Radko for providing excelent care to my father, and succeeding where I failed
D. Shah
Moja pięcioletnia mordęga z protezami w końcu się skończyła. Dziękuję za pomoc, W końcu jestem w stanie normalnie funkcjonować!
First denture Radko made me around 7 years ago. It was replacing only four upper teeth. At that time I didn't care much about my appearance, since I had all my front teeth. After their condition worsened, I known, that something must be done. My friend told me, that he is going to Hungary to have a implant treatment. I went for consultation in one of their brunches in London, and decided to do it. All looked simple, and price was tempting. This was a mistake. After I went to Hungary all my remaining teeth were extracted, I was provided with bad looking and ill fitting denture. It was a nightmare. All happened at the beginning of December, and for next visit I was suppose to come in March next year. Christmas and New Year period was a nightmare. At the beginning of January I went to Radko. Immediately the sane day he managed to refer me to one of his dentists, and the same day he started new complete denture for me. Two days later he fitted this, and I got my confidence back. Next week I went for review appointment with dentist recommended by Radko, which convinced me to continue implant treatment in his surgery. Whole process took around 8 months and was more expensive, but I know that if something went wrong, I would get best possible care, and wouldn't be left alone with my problem. My implant treatment was completed last year, and I'm extremely happy with it, but in January my lower central tooth fell out... Guess where I went, and who made my new lower denture?
Mr. Alexopoluos
Kiedy poszłam do dentysty powiedziano mi że naprawa protezy będzie trwała co najmniej trzy dni. U Pana proteza została naprawiona w przeciągu 45 min dziękuję bardzo.