Radko Dental Professional is well known for its reliability and quality of products

We were established in 2000, and since than we have constantly raised our standard of services to dentists in South London and the Home Counties. We offer a reliable nation-wide free postal service as well.

Standards of work

       As a member of DAMAS and DLA we are on the list of approved suppliers of companies such as: Integrated Dental Holdings, Rodericks and Oasis. Materials used during the process of manufacturing our products are only supplied by MHRA UK approved companies.

Quality and Committment 

       The quality of our work speaks for itself. We always do our best to meet your and the patient’s expectations. All of our team: technicians, receptionists and drivers go that “extra mile” to make sure that the job is done. Private and NHS work is treated with the same tender love and care. It is our business to make sure that your patients get what they want as quickly as possible.

Difficult patient? No problem!

       As a Clinical Dental Technician I am able to help you. In my lab I have a surgery which meets all GDC standards requirements: break-back dental chair, clinical lamp, autoclave and certified oxygen tank. Additionally to ensure your patients safety, we have a defibrillator. If you refer your patients to me, you can be sure that they are treated in a “safe and clean environment”.

Why would you send your patient to me?

       As a dentist, your scope of practice is much bigger than mine, but even then you may sometimes “hit the wall…” with some dentures. If you think that you are going nowhere with a particular case, referal to me could be the answer.

In the past, I have worked with dentists from Croydon University Hospital. This gave me the chance to deal with some extremely difficult clinical cases. Working alongside specialists trained to deal with cases such as these gave me invaluable experience enabling me to solve cases which proved too difficult for ‘high street’ dentists.

This service is available only as private.

– Complete dentures

– Partial dentures

– Cobalt-chrome dentures

– Mouth-guards (soft, hard and semi-hard)

– Bite raising appliances

– Bleaching trays

– Michigan splints

– Essex retainers

– Sport guards

– Anti snoring devices

– Gold teeth (precious and non precious gold)

– Repairs

– Additions of teeth and clasps

– Soft-linings

– Lingual and palatal bars

– Name tags

– Tooth coloured clasps